Decarbonizing the world’s energy supply, by providing 24/7 renewable heat and electricity


Short payback period

Payback period of Suncom’s plant is 3 – 6 years depending on location and current fossil fuel

Large temperature range

Suncom can generate heat from 50 – 500˚C to heat for instance, homes, greenhouses, bakeries and chemical plants. It can also be used to make steam for electricity production

Recyclable materials

The materials used in our plant, such as steel, aluminum and glass, are well recyclable

Large storage at low cost

The high energy density of Suncom’s heat storage comes at a low cost


The sunlight is caught on the parabolic reflectors, which concentrate it onto the receiver tubes. This concentrated sunlight heats up water or an alternative Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) flowing through this receiver tube, to either 100°C or 500 °C.

The heated flow is then stored in the storage tank, which functions as the battery of the system. This heat can then be used as thermal energy or converted to electricity whenever it is needed. This inherent and cheap storage system mitigates the problem of the intermittency of renewable energies.

For the conversion of heat to electricity, the hot HTF is passed through a boiler, which turns the liquid water into steam. This steam is passed through a steam turbine, which in turn drives a generator, producing electricity.

The process from heat to steam is identical as in coal power plants, and is done using the same proven technologies, but with zero emissions. Making use of these established technologies in our system, in combination with the unlimited power of the sun, your energy bill can be reduced by as much as 70%, whilst running on fully renewable energy.


Stan Uijttewaal

Solar Field Engineer

Mathijs Vermeij

Prototype Engineer

Dennis Kok

Data Engineer

Dorian Gort

Energy and Utility Engineer

Mark Willemsz

Energy Storage Intern

Remijn te Brake

Office Manager

Erik Weyer

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer

Benjamin Vollebregt

Development Engineer

Jules van Ravenstein

Operations Director

Henk Arntz

Founder, Director

Wout Gubbels

Technical Director

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More public interest for Suncom

After Suncom’s first press release in early October, more news outlets are taking interest in the promising technology. On the 27th of December awarded newspaper Trouw published an article about Suncom titled “Wat in de woestijn kan, moet bij een Brabantse boer ook lukken: zonnewarmte oogsten”. Which roughly translates to “What is possible in the desert should also be possible at a farm in Brabant: harvesting solar heat”. The article continues by elaborating on the technology and potential future applications. Click the link below to read the full article (in Dutch)!



ISPT conference 2022

Tuesday the 8th of November, a Suncom delegation attended the annual ISPT (Institute for Sustainable Process Technology) conference in Amersfoort. Here interesting and lively debates were held on sustainable technology solutions. Suncom was also selected as one of the finalists to pitch for the Industry Innovators Award together with two other startups Alucha Works and Energy21. We are very proud to announce that Suncom’s pitch, presented by founder and CEO Henk Arntz, won both the hearts of the jury and the audience. We would like to thank ISPT for the opportunity to attend this great conference and the jury and the audience for their faith in Suncom’s technology! We hope to be able to attend the ISPT conference again next year!


Suncom publicity

Suncom is making a name for itself and interest is growing. An article about the promising capabilities of Suncom’s technology was published by “”. This article briefly mentioned potential applications of the technology. Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” expanded on these potential applications and published an article titled “Energierekening dempen met parabolische spiegels” which translates to “lowering energy bills using parabolic mirrors”. This article describes how Suncom’s technology could benefit bakeries, swimming pools, and food processing plants. The articles highlight Suncom’s breakthrough technology and the company’s progress. Click the links below to read the full articles (in Dutch)!




Suncom at SolarPACES 2022 in Albuquerque

This year the SolarPACES conference was once again held at a live location, this time in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Suncom flew out with a team of 4 to visit SolarPACES for the first time! The amount of knowledge there was astounding and we were proud to add some of our findings to the mix! We were honored to present our research and product during the poster session at the end of each conference day. Click the link below to see the poster for yourself!


Suncom Energy Poster



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