24/7 renewable electricity at 20-50% lower cost

Suncom’s mission is to accelerate the energy transition by helping clients in sun-rich regions to drive their operation with competitively priced 24/7 renewable electricity and/or heat

Electricity bill: Save 20-50%
Payback period: 4-9 years

Generate & store your own renewable electricity

Scalable storage 15x cheaper than lithium-ion batteries

Proven technology
Easy maintenance




The sunlight is caught on the parabolic reflectors, which concentrate it onto the receiver tubes. This concentrated sunlight heats up the molten salt flowing through this receiver tube, to over 500 °C.



The heated salt flow is then stored in the hot storage tank, which functions as the battery of the system. This heat can then be used as thermal energy or converted to electricity whenever it is needed. This inherent and relatively cheap storage system mitigates the problem of the intermittency of renewable energies.



For the conversion of heat to electricity, the hot salt is passed through a boiler, which turns the liquid water into steam. This steam is passed through a steam turbine, which in turn drives a generator, producing electricity.



The process from heat to steam is identical as in coal power plants, and is done using the same proven technologies, but with zero emissions. Making use of these established technologies in our system, in combination with the unlimited power of the sun, your energy bill can be reduced by as much as 50%, whilst running on fully renewable energy.


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